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High Tech
  • CADC network (Edit)The CDAC Network’s purpose is to bring together diverse local, regional and global actors to catalyse communities’ ability to connect, access information and have a voice in humanitarian emergencies
  • High Tech Humanitarians (HTH) (Edit)High Tech Humanitarians (HTH) aims to promote the adoption of global collaborative open technology approaches in the humanitarian sector.
  • Ushahidi (Edit)Ushahidi is a non-profit software company that develops free and open-source software for information collection, visualisation, and interactive mapping.
Logistic resources & Elearning
  • ACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project) (Edit)ACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project) is designed for disaggregated conflict analysis and crisis mapping. This dataset codes the dates and locations of all reported political violence and protest events in over 60 developing countries.
  • EISF (Edit)The European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) is an independent network of Security Focal Points who represent European-based humanitarian NGOs operating internationally. Not only providing Security data and guidelines but also logistics’ ones.
  • INSO (Edit)The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is a British charity that supports the safety of aid workers by establishing safety coordination platforms in insecure contexts.
  • Long War Journal (Edit)FDD’s Long War Journal is dedicated to providing original and accurate reporting and analysis of the Long War (also known as the Global War on Terror). This is accomplished through its programs of embedded reporters, news and news aggregation, maps, etc.
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