Who can contact ACF energy support and how ? Qui peut contacter le support énergie ACF et comment ?

ACF-France HQ has an infrastructure service at least since 2010, in this service are working advisor working on various technical infrastructure topics, among which the energy. Until 2015, this service was only accessible for log-teams, since 2016 energy support is

Who is in charge of the Equipment List? Qui est responsable de la liste d’équipement?

The Logistics Coordinator / Head of Department has ultimate responsibility for the correct management of equipment within a mission. This responsibility may be delegated to a different member of the logistics team. In this case, the Headquarters Mission Logistics officer

What is the difference between a contract and a framework agreement? Quel est la différence entre un contrat et un accord cadre?

A Framework Agreement is meant to define commercial conditions applicable to the purchase of specifically identified goods/services, for a predefined period of time….like a normal Contract. A Framework agreement is relevant when several deliveries are expected, but specific quantities and