Air conditioners power/ Puissance des climatiseurs

Probably if you want to purchase air conditioners, you are a little bit lost: the power of air conditioners can be given in BTU/hr, horsepower (HP), in W/h, … by the manufacturers. There are 3 types of power on datasheets

Who can contact ACF energy support and how ? Qui peut contacter le support énergie ACF et comment ?

ACF-France HQ has an infrastructure service at least since 2010, in this service are working advisor working on various technical infrastructure topics, among which the energy. Until 2015, this service was only accessible for log-teams, since 2016 energy support is

Welcome on the ACF-Energy FAQ / Bienvenue sur le FAQ Energie d’ACF :)

Welcome to the ACF Energy FAQ! From field visits and time spent at headquarters for technical support to all ACF-France missions, I see a lot of energy related issues. Some subjects are very technical, others are much more general, others