Author: Hillary Dale

International Women’s Day Profile: Alice Shivairo

Happy International Women’s Day to the B-Log Community! We are publishing an extra Logistics Staff Profile today to celebrate the strong, trailblazing women working in humanitarian logistics. Thank you for your work, your strength, and for leading the way for

Thank you & goodbye to James Brown

It is with very heavy hearts that we share the news of James Brown’s passing over the weekend. James, one of our longest serving staff in Uganda, was a loyal and dedicated Action Against Hunger driver for over 25 years.

1 Month – 1 Log / 1 Mois – 1 Log: Ladu David

Meet Ladu David Procurement Manager, South Sudan Tell us a little about your career. I joined Action Against Hunger on December 29, 2011. Before joining in a full-time permanent position, I worked for a month and a half as an

1 Month – 1 Log / 1 Mois – 1 Log: Peter Ogar

Meet Peter Ogar  Driver, Nigeria Peter Oga, an Action Against Hunger driver in Nigeria, has dedicated his hard work to AAH since 2011. A stickler for quality work and high standards, Peter ensures that both his vehicles and his passengers

1 Month – 1 Log / 1 Mois – 1 Log: Anthony Bidhali

Meet Anthony Bidhali Logistics Manager, Nigeria With years of humanitarian administrative and logistics experience, Anthony Bidhali joined the Action Against Hunger family in 2012 as a Logistics Officer in his home country, South Sudan. After two years managing field logistics

Field Secrets Revealed: Capacity Building & Problem Tree Analysis in Nigeria

Iryna Lukyanova, Warehouse Manager in Maiduguri, Nigeria, is taking an innovation approach to capacity building by establishing a weekly training session in her staff’s schedule. Every Friday, the team meets at the same time to discuss a topic of interest

LINK Deployment in South Sudan

Action Against Hunger’s Logistics Coordinator in South Sudan, Sulaiman Sesay, describes the LINK deployment process in South Sudan. Has your mission deployed LINK? Tell us about it in the comments! The staff in South Sudan was introduced to LINK in

Fleet Management in South Sudan

Action Against Hunger Logistics Coordinator in South Sudan, Sulaiman Sesay, offers his perspective on the progress made by South Sudan mission in fleet management and strategy. Comment below with any anecdotes or advice on fleet management from your experience!  One

1 Month – 1 Log / 1 Mois – 1 Log: Moreen Ninsiima

Meet Moreen Ninsiima Action Against Hunger ICT Officer, Uganda ICT superstar Moreen Ninsiima has been with Action Against Hunger since May 2014. Before joining the organization, she worked in ICT user support personnel for different NGOs and companies including an

Case Studies: Establishing Warehouses & Pharmacy in Nigeria

CASE STUDIES: Establishing Multiple Warehouses & Establishing a Pharmacy in Nigeria Iryna Lukyanova, Warehouse Manager in Maiduguri, Nigeria, shares her experience establishing a new pharmacy and warehouses. Click the links below to learn more about her experience, best practices, and