Month: June 2017

New forums!

Good morning loggies, Have you noticed? There are 2 new forums available in B-Log, that will be fed by our HQ experts, both pharmacist and nutrition, in order for us logisticians to be informed about products alerts, batch recall, etc.

1 Month – 1 Log / 1 Mois – 1 Log: Carolyn Saidi

Meet Carolyn Saidi Deputy Head of Logistics Center in Nairobi, Kenya When Carolyn Saidi is not singing, dancing, or spending time with her family, she can be found managing international shipping and procurement for ACF-USA in the Logistics Center in

Road Assessment and Risk Inspection

Hi Loggies, Warm Wishes from Nepal. I hope everyone is doing well. I want your valuable suggestion on Road Assessment and Risk Inspection. As monsoon is setting in Nuwakot Base, Nepal, I am working on the Road Assessment & Risk

How to check fuel consumption properly?

Hey Logs, We’ve just received a note from one of your peers on the methodology to check fuel consumption within your fleet. A 1-page note worth sharing among your teams if you had not done so already…! FTFT method The