Month: April 2017

Lolita or the quiet force / ou la force tranquille

This month, it is Lolita‘s turn, our Indonesian colleague, to be in the spotlight. Coming from private logistics companies, Lolita started her humanitarian engagement with ACF Indonesia in 2001…yes in 2001! That’s why many expatriates know her kindness, professionalism and

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Asia Log SPeC training

  Hello loggies! We’re happy to just overcome the 3rd decentralized logistics training seminar, yet it was in Nepal this time! Another batch of logisticians from 6 missions (Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal and Ukraine) who got to exchange on

B-Log community gets its own FB page!

Good evening everyone! How are you? This is just to announce, for those of you who came by once in a while, that B-Log community now has an official Facebook page, where you’re most welcome to publish your own news