Month: March 2017

1 month – 1 log / 1 mois – 1 log

This month, it’s our colleague Sukhdev Sharma’s turn. As he was worried about all the things we could write on him :), he decided to write some words to the log community:

B-Log Library

Hey guys! Did you know that B-Log also provides some very useful resource links, to several topics? Don’t hesitate to take a glimpse at the “Websites library” section, where you’ll find it all! I just added 2 links to explain why

A voir! Que fait le logcluster en RDC? Guillaume, logco Action contre la faim, et ses collegues nous expliquent dans cette video du LogCluster!

    DRC Video Facilitation of access to common services, coordination, information management and capacity building of local authorities in emergency preparedness: this is how the Logistics Cluster in the #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo (DRC) is supporting 148 humanitarian organisations. Curious to know

This is only Goodbye!

Paul Machado, our well known Log, creator of this blog, is leaving his position at Paris HQ for one year, to live new adventures in Uganda with his family. Today is his last handover day with Fred Barennes, who’s replacing

Field Visit of Loic Pannetier, the Operation Logistic Advisor for Asia in Indonesia

Last 2 weeks, I have a visit of the Operation Logistic Advisor for Asia, Loic Pannetier. He spent 7 working days in Indonesia for 2 main objectives which are the Link socialization and conduct the LAT. Both the objectives were successfully completed here

Check this out: B-Log is in KitLog! / Génial: B-log est dans le KitLog!

and there is a new version of KL… Et accessoirement, une nouvelle version du Kit Log est sortie!