Month: April 2016

Devenez Adhérent d’ACF ! / Become a member of ACF Association !

Bonjour à tous ! Comme vous le savez sûrement (ou pas!), les salariés (siège ou expats) d’ACF peuvent devenir adhérents de l’association. En adhérant, vous pouvez voter et élire les futurs Administrateurs lors de l’Assemblée Générale (AG) annuelle qui aura

Grille d’évaluation ou une méthode pour choisir le mieux disant / Assessment table or a method to select the best bidder

Une formule pour évaluer les critères de sélection pondéré qui ont une valeur quantitative exprimé en nombre, Par exemple (Prix, nombre de jours, nombre de personnels …)

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SpeC Log April / Avril 2016

We were happy to welcome our 9 colleagues (Jérôme, Tanzin, François F., Rajendra, Thomas, François Q., Eleni, Anas and Abdirizack) who attended the April 2016 SpeC log in HQ Paris . === Nous sommes heureux de souhaiter la bienvenue à

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Sierra Leone Facebook page

Good afternoon everyone, Just for information, as it’s always great to see what others are doing, I’d like to share a FB page that Sierra Leone mission is entertaining to tell people about their actions in the country. Really great

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Sierra Leone – LINK Training

Good morning everyone, Following-up on a field visit, Sierra Leone mission is now the 4th country of ACF network being trained on the LINK. Thanks to the team for this excellent participation and it was quite interesting to discover new

Regional SpeC Log / SpeC Log Régionale – Cameroun

We have conducted a Regional Spec Log in Limbe – Cameroun (4th to 8th of April 2016). 9 logies attended this training coming from Burkina Faso, Chad and Cameroun. Welcome to Grace, Jude, Daho, Arthenas, Severin, Mahamat Haroun,  Mahamat Douna,

Welcome to B-log / Bienvenue sur B-log

Welcome to the ACF community Blog called….B-log :). Created by log support missions service following an expressed need from our loggies on the field to have a tools to share faster information like events, good practice and other stuff. ===

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National Log Workshop Afghanistan / Workshop Log national Afghanistan

End of February, the whole Afghan log team gathered in Kabul for a full week workshop! It was the opportunity to discuss organisation of supply on the mission, LINK and IT/Energy topics. The full  team is now on the same

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OLA field visit in Ukraine / Visite terrain RLO en Ukraine

Mid March, I went to Ukraine for a field visit. The agenda was: discover the local context, visit of Kiev & Severodonetsk bases, visit of programs, LAT and LINK training for logs & non log. Enjoy few pictures… === Mi

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